Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Price list:
Publishing offer on web page:

300,00 eur/month, paid in advance.


Notify all members about new offer over email:

300,00 eur/campaign, paid in advance (no more than two per month for the same item).


Actively search for seller / buyer:

1.000,00 eur/month, paid in advance + 1% commission on close deal.


Consulting cost from 150,00 to 400,00 eur/hour for closing the deal (all legal support, local documents…).

Our personal travel to any part of the world to local partners, mines or sellers, cost 5.000 eur (per person/week) + all expenses (travel by airplane, local transportation, hotel, food...).

All offers from different companies are without commitment from RAUN GDT and subject to change without notice and can be final only after signing the agreement of sell / buy with all the details between seller and buyer with all agents included. RAUN GDT also reserves the right to decline any publishing or decline to be in any connection with customer (buyer, seller, agent, mandate, ...). All prices are subject to the circumstances at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. 

How to publish offer on GDT:
- on email: info@raun-gdt.com send your full offer with all important details,
- attach all necessary documents (FCO, SCO, certificates, contract... in word, excell or .pdf format),
- attach pictures of exact goods you offer,
- we also need your full data: name, surname, Tel., Viber / WhatsApp / WeChat, Skype to be able to contact you.

We need all this information’s to be able to publish interesting and real offers.

All our business is done throw legitimate companies with valid trade licenses. Bear in mind, we do not hide our identity, so we aspect the same from you who want to find the right partner for your business. If we find out that somebody take advantage in any form, we will immediately notice all parties involved and also the authorities (police and organizations to fight crime over the internet also the Interpol).

RAUN-GDT is not responsible for third party links you may find on this web pages. The responsibility for the content of external links is at owners and operators of their web sites.