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It is interested, that silver always have a greater percentage increase during precious metals bull markets. In some cases, on different metals bull markets, silver has even tripled in price while gold has "only" doubled. In even happened that silver has raise four times while gold again "only" doubled in price. And on top of this is industrial need. Silver has more industrial applications than gold does. Even in the future, there are more uses for silver being developed.

At the end, many people think first of gold than silver when the subject of "hard money" or "long term investment" arises. Looking at reality, more people have used silver for "money" than have used gold. Even silver coins stay on market as payment method longer that gold coins.

RAUN-GDT group is specialized in many aspects of silver trading. We alone or with partners depend on type of business, buy and sale silver in any shape or form: from raw material, bars, and also investment silver with origin. GDT Group also includes expert advisory on all kind of silver. We can organize sales action in USA, Canada, EU, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong. Assisting in opening bank accounts worldwide by our attorneys. Want to become a member of Trade platform?
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Our International offices are already establishing and will be fully operated with beginning 2017 in: New York, USA / Miami, USA / Los Angeles, USA / Dubai, UAE / Accra, Ghana / Brazzaville, Republic of Congo / Sao Paolo, Brazil/ London, UK / Antwerp, Belgium / Zurich, Switzerland / Monte Carlo, Monaco / Paris, France / Cape Town, South Africa / Cairo, Egypt / Riga, Rep. Of Latvia / Tashkent, Uzbekistan / Hong Kong, China / Moscow, Russia

What can go wrong!

In silver business there are some attempts of fraud, but not as many as in gold. Much lower price at the same quantity makes it less attractive for forgery. But do not be mislead by this fact. Always use certain lever of caution and consult with experts.


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