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RAUN-GDT group is specialized in many aspects of gold trading. We alone or with partners depend on type of business, buy and sale gold in any shape or form: from raw material, dust, nuggets, bars, jewelry for melting and also investment gold with origin.
GDT Group also includes expert advisory on all kind of gold: from investing in mines to investing in final products. We can organize sales action in USA, Canada, EU, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong. Assisting in opening bank accounts worldwide by our attorneys.
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Our International offices are already establishing and will be fully operated with beginning 2017 in: New York, USA / Miami, USA / Los Angeles, USA / Dubai, UAE / Accra, Ghana / Brazzaville, Republic of Congo / Sao Paolo, Brazil / London, UK / Antwerp, Belgium / Zurich, Switzerland / Monte Carlo, Monaco / Paris, France / Cape Town, South Africa / Cairo, Egypt / Riga, Rep. Of Latvia / Tashkent, Uzbekistan / Hong Kong, China / Moscow, Russia

What can go wrong!

Do not be misled with low price of gold seller will offer. The price on word market is rising so why would seller sell you something so cheap.
Most common fraud is accepting the procedure of seller by paying for local taxes, charges and export documents in front. Even if you get gold as "collateral" guarantee it is too risky to do it this way. It happened that everything went well but you never get all documents, or documents are fake and you never see gold and seller again. What can you do with gold as guarantee if you can't export it? Second one is usage of brass. Seller show real gold for testing and change with bras when put in "sealed" container with seal and "official" documentation. They will take you to melting facility, show you gold bars, let you take samples, drill… but during the procedure of melting this samples, they will change the sample with real gold and let you take real gold to official testing. Than you will be asked to pay tax, and all the rest. But the real gold will not be transported.

You can also run into Tungsten filled gold bars, coins and other products and they are more and more quality made, so do take very good attention when dealing with gold. And always take three steps of verification:

If you skip any of this steps, make sure you do the last one or you take too high risk to either buy fake or you will stay without the gold on final destination. Never ever pay for transport documents (and put money to some escrow advocates account) before you checked the legal way in legal official institute (ministry of mining or similar) to export/import gold in any country you want to deal with gold. So called "agents" always want to make you comfortable with "their" procedures.

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