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RAUN-GDT group is specialized in many aspects of diamond trading. Buy and sale rough diamonds and also cut – polished ones.
GDT Group also includes expert advisory on all kind of stones with world best gemologist and stone cutters. We do have private educational services for stone cutting in Bangkok and Moscow. We can organize rough and polished stones sales action in Dubai or New York. Assisting in opening bank accounts worldwide by our attorneys. We are also able to provide best offers on emeralds and jewelry.
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Our upcoming projects 2018 is BGDE (Baltic Gold and Diamond Exchange)
Place: Riga Republic of Latvia

Our International offices are already establishing and will be fully operated with beginning 2017 in: New York, USA / Miami, USA / Los Angeles, USA / Dubai, UAE / Accra, Ghana / Brazzaville, Republic of Congo / Sao Paolo, Brazil / London, UK / Antwerp, Belgium / Zurich, Switzerland / Monte Carlo, Monaco / Paris, France / Cape Town, South Africa / Cairo, Egypt / Riga, Rep. Of Latvia / Tashkent, Uzbekistan / Hong Kong, China / Moscow, Russia.

What can go wrong!

When buying precious or semi-precious colored stones and if you are not an expert, always invite expert (gemologist) with experience to checked every stone (polished or rough). Never ever lose them from your sight when buying. Check in advance for possibility of export, having all certificates (GIA, Kimberly, origin…) and procedure to import in destination country to avoid any troubles, confiscation and penalties. Too often synthetic diamonds or from some other materials are placed into cargo you take with.

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