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COPPER and other metals

RAUN-GDT group is specialized in many aspects of copper trading and also trading with other metals. We alone or with partners depend on type of business, buy and sale metals in any shape or form: from raw material, copper cathodes, to final products.
GDT Group also includes expert advisory on all kind of metals.
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Our International offices are already establishing and will be fully operated with beginning 2017 in: New York, USA / Miami, USA / Los Angeles, USA / Dubai, UAE / Accra, Ghana / Brazzaville, Republic of Congo / Sao Paolo, Brazil/ London, UK / Antwerp, Belgium / Zurich, Switzerland / Monte Carlo, Monaco / Paris, France / Cape Town, South Africa / Cairo, Egypt / Riga, Rep. Of Latvia / Tashkent, Uzbekistan / Hong Kong, China / Moscow, Russia / Africa.

What can go wrong!

Iron plates covered with copper are reality. It can happen that a part of shipment can be loaded with fake or let them called "modified" copper plates. It is very hard to checked every copper plate when buying 500 MT or even more. Some buyers are using powerful magnets to checked every palette that come with ship at destination.

Always use word recognized inspection company and insurance company. The same goes for transport, shipping and freight forwarding. Always first checked at local authorities about law, procedures and taxes.

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