Bojan Crnologar

GDT Chairman

Executive Board


GDT Chairman

A multi-lingual cross border entrepreneur with a wealth of business and cultural knowledge. For over 23 years Bojan has been at the heart of his existing successful business with bases of operation in Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, UK, Kenya and Tanzania.
With a wide and varied knowledge of several industries Bojan possesses a unique skill set in being able to work across cultural divides and has an understanding of the differing business needs in a multi-facetted word.

Bojan is a seasoned professional able to thing ahead of the game, he has invested in several start-up companies and has successfully sold two of his own business whilst remaining firmly in control of his other operating companies.

As a travelled and experienced business leader Bojan is perfectly placed for his role as Chairman at GDT.

Bojan Crnologar - Raun