About us

About us

Gold and Diamond Trade platform was opened based on experience from our members and partners all over the word for trading with precious metals, diamonds, financial services, gas, oil and in some cases, even trading with special art. Platform enable individuals or companies to publish their offers or demands. We check every one and every information before we let it be published.

We operate globally, so there is no place we do not visit or act if necessary. Our Team of experts from different fields and parts of the world can be in position as seller, buyer, mandate, adviser or someone who find what you are looking for and make first contact.

We are part of RAUN Royal Academy of United Nations, with highest connections in business and political word to be able to act professional and discrete.

Send us your inquiry and we'll find the best possible solution: info@raun-gdt.com

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel. +386 40323202
We use: WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat
Skype: bojan.crnologar


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